Businesses that communicate using the right frequency and channels enjoy higher consumer goodwill, including 42% visited their website, 34% made a purchase, 17% recommended the business and 15% posted a positive review.*

*According to the Global Study: Consumer Engagement Best Practices for 2020

The Problem

Businesses do not have an affordable platform to advertise directly to consumers and their customers to provide a competitive shopping, dining,  or event experience that generates more trackable revenue.

The Solution

  • Free platform and app that allows businesses to send posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and CR.
  • Affordable platform and app at $50/month that allows businesses to pay monthly or annually to schedule and send posts to ~15 social media channels and send 2000 texts and 25000 e-mail to customers.
  • Free live feed that allows businesses to offer deals, appointment openings, and events happening right now near a consumers GPS location.
  • Point of sales integrations that track success rates of the business. Lowest cost currently available to purchase more texts and e-mails in bulk packages from 1,000 – 1,000,000 to send to customers.
  • New to market for Emailing is the ability to convert a portion of my e-mail into a social media post for any or all channels.